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Thursday, April 05, 2007

USPS Strikes Again!

OK, yesterday I got a credit card in the mail for Monday Knight. I know, you've read all about it, so I won't bore with a repeat of the details. About a week ago we got a letter from someone that lives right here in our own town. It was mailed at the main post office--and it was delivered to ours EIGHT DAYS LATER! I don't think it would take that long to get from one end of New York City to the other. I mean, Grand Forks North Dakota isn't really THAT big!

My husband and I run a charitable organization, Mission Socorro. We have had a PO Box in East Grand Forks, MN, on the other side of the Red River. Mission Socorro has always been non-discriminatory as far as race, sex, and religious beliefs. We follow the example of Jesus, and He never turned anybody away regardless of what they had been. Oh, yes, he had a bit of trouble from time to time with the Pharisees, but He welcomed the prostitutes, the tax collectors, the fishermen, and anybody else who came to Him with an open heart.

Today's mail showed just how ecumenical we had become! We got a letter from an Evangelical Free Church in Fargo, ND (75 miles to our south). That isn't so funny. It was addressed to Mission Socorro at our P.O. Box number. Again, no problem. But the person to whose attention it was addressed was "Father Gerald Potter."

We have known Father Potter for many years. He used to teach at the Religious Dept. of the University of North Dakota. He used to be fascinated by our big old ('79)bright yellow Lincoln. One time when I was at his office at UND, before he retired, he grinned broadly and said he would like to show me his sword collection. He explained that he had been fascinated by swords for years. He then opened a drawer in his desk and took out a whole pile of pictures he had collected from all those fancy places like Danbury Mint. He came up with the theme we use on our letterheads: "Mission Socorro is the gospel in action." After our great flood of 1997, when we were all evacuated to the Grand Forks Air Force Base, he kidded me because when they needed a pianist for the Catholic services that were held at the school that housed the hundreds of people who were refugees with physical problems or challenges, I was the best they could dig up! Ah, yes, Father Potter and Mission Socorro go way back. I just wish he would get back from Rome, where he has reportedly gone for Holy Week, so I could make his life complete by letting him know that he, a Roman Catholic priest, has joined ranks with Mission Socorro. At least that's what the Evangelical Free Church thinks!

Long live the Brotherhood of Christianity!


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