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Friday, February 18, 2005

The fast lane of life

Wow! They say time flies when you are having fun. Then why does March 1st seem so far off in the distance? Anticipation! That has to be it. You see, I received word a couple of days ago that I am a finalist in the RIO awards for this year. RIO stands for Reviewers International Organization. Not only do I have ONE book in the running; I have TWO. Both of my timetravels, HOUSE CALL TO THE PAST and PAR FOR THE COURSE are under consideration in the "Missing gems" division. Those are the books that were published before 2004. There are only 6 books in that category, and there are 3 winners in each division, so... To say that I am nervous and excited and worried and a little bit of a lot of other emotions is putting it mildly. Now I know why the people that are nominated for an Oscar but who don't win it can honestly say, "It is such an honor to be nominated." Well, it truly is.
I will be sure to post the outcome on here Mar. 1, as soon as they are announced. That is, unless I win and I'm flying way too high! Then it might take a couple of days to land first.
Make it a great day.


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