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Friday, March 04, 2005

You Deserve A Break Today

I know, you all think I have "a thing" for McDonald's. Well, okay, I'll admit to liking a Big Mac occasionally. But if you are thinking in terms of heading that direction, this is the time to do it. They have the most divine Mint malts you've ever tasted in your life! Yup, I just have to have at least one every March.

March brings me to another subject. St. Patrick's Day. I love it! My mother gave me the Irish that runs through my veins. Her grandmother, "Grandma Bowen," had us all convinced that she came straight from the Emerald Isle. It was only after she died and I inherited her personal scrapbooks that we all discovered that she was born in Rossi, New York! My mother called me a liar over that one--until I got the proof of it.

Grandma Bowen told us so many stories about "the old Isle," which I'm sure she heard from her parents and her older brothers, who really were from Ireland, that they were alive to us. We even believed in leprechauns and that there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When we learned the truth, my mother simply hmmphed and said, "Well, she obviously got to kiss the Blarney Stone a few too many times!"

What does that have to do with your break this month? I have a one-stop shopping mall for authors at http://sosforauthors.tripod.com and we are running all sorts of specials over there. You can get an edit for half-price. Or if you are looking for my Promo Paks, they are priced lower than they have ever been. Next month we will be running a workshop for beginning authors, so if you've had that yen to put it on paper but never had the nerve to do it, this is your chance to get some hints on how to get started. And, our very popular monthly marketing workshops have returned.
So, head on over there to see what all is going on. There is lots of neat stuff. I guarantee that your feel won't even get tired while you browse.


  • At 5:33 PM, Blogger Jessica McCurdy Crooks said…

    I hope March was all-in-all a good month for you. You certainly have a lot going on...where do you find the energy?

    Here's wishing you a successful May as well.


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