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Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, shiver yer timbers!

If you want a real spine-tingling mystery, I have one that is just up your alley. Ancient Secrets, Billie A. Williams' latest book in her "Secrets" series will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat, but watch out, you might get burned!

An eerie necklace from long ago and far away, wrapped in a wild-animal print scarf holds the key to ancient mysteries. Soon you will be enrapt as you watch green-eyed jealous people have their eyes pop out of their sockets, exploding heads of a woman who is jealous and more than a little bit zany, a woman in a coma after she handled the necklace, a foreign exchange student who wants to get the necklace back to where it originally came from, and a duo that seem to be protected as they trace the history all the way back to Africa because they have "good hearts."

This will scare you as much as any Stephen King book, but you won't dare set it down until you close the last page, because the sky might fall, or they might end up in the pit of snakes, or... Well, just read the book! But don't do it unless you have all the bright lights on!